I enjoy reading & writing, video games and music. I have a strong stance towards Software Freedom. I believe all Software should be free (libre, not as in cost). I advocate that people should avoid proprietary software whenever possible; especially when free/libre solutions exist.

Visitors should also note that I am Anti-Microsoft. This is based on their long history of monopoly abuse, criminal activity, substandard software and attempts to get governments locked into their technologies. People will freak out and attempt to use other monopolies as an excuse for Microsoft. I do not cater to Microsoft Apologists.

I used to work at a store where my job had been to fix computers; my hate for Microsoft grew. The most common problem with these machines were malware. Often people would bring back brand new computers claiming defects but upon investigation they went to porn sites with Internet Explorer and got infected within hours. They would turn around and blame us for selling them a defective computer. The only defective thing was the software.

I’m also Anti-Apple for a few reasons. They are very big brother-like; which annoys the hell out of me. I also dislike them because it’s all shiny overpriced bullshit. Even OSX sucks; Apple took a perfectly good OS and added a layer of shit and made it super unstable (at least in comparison with FreeBSD).

‘Its hard get a man to understand something, when he’s being paid not to understand it’ – Upton Sinclair.

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