Comment Policy

Due to abuse from various individiauls, I needed to setup a comment policy and rules for users who want to leave comments on blog articles. Breaking these rules in most cases will simply cause a comment to be deleted from the queue. Continued abuse of these rules will lead to various forms of punishment.

1. No trolling or trollish behavior.
2. No spam comments.
3. No posting of content that is illegal, libelous or defamatory.
4. Posting under shifting credentials.
5. Attempting to repost a non-approved comment.
6. Attempting to circumvent any of these rules or their intent.
7. Attempting to circumvent any measures taken against a user breaking the rules.

Normally most comments will just be deleted and never shown to anyone. When users abuse the rules constantly, the admin needs to take more serious actions against them.

When a comment is deleted the user will receive a warning if they provide valid contact information. If they posted the comment anonymously they receive no warning and will have to contact me to find out the conditions.

If the warning is not followed or received and the user continues to abuse the rules actions will be taken to prevent the user from ever posting again. Attempts at circumvention will be met with attempts to contact the abuse depatment of the users ISP.

Be warned: Banned users attempting to circumvent a ban will be considered trespassing.


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